Where can I log in for Liftmanager®?
Go to our products and then to Liftmanager® and click the "start now" button and enter your login details. 
Or use this link.

I have forgotten my password, how can I reset my password?
Go to the login screen and click on reset your password. If you fill in the field and send it you will receive a new login in your mailbox.

How do I order the Liftboxs® and the Liftboxs®-Door?
On this website you will find the webshop where you can place your order.

Can I receive a quotation/offer?
Because of our lean & mean business process you can see the prices in the webshop. We do not make separate offers.

Can I get a discount?
In the webshop you will see that a discount is given when ordering quantities and when leasing depends on the payment terms.

What is the delivery time of the ordered products?
The standard delivery time is 2-5 business days for West Europe. For other parts of the world please contact us.

Can I first try Liftboxs® and the Liftboxs®-Door?
You can order a starter kit in our webshop. With this starter kit you can test our products for 3 months. We are happy to help you with this. Liftmanager® is an online application and IoS / Android Onboarding app, for which we do not charge you any costs.

Where is the data stored?
At Liftinsight® we store your data securely in the (Dutch) European Google cloud, where they are protected by Google's secure infrastructure. In addition, the Liftinsight® architecture has been designed with safety and scalability in mind. The separation of data, such as metadata from actual sensor measurements, horizontal scaling via a micro-service architecture and many more design decisions, has resulted in a robust but scalable platform.

Who has access to the data?
Only a small team of developers have access to our support systems and the development of additional functionalities for the Liftinsight® product.

What is the data retention period?
Due to the nature of our business, we generally never delete data. This is necessary for the predictive maintenance & machine learning business.

Who owns the data?
Although this is our platform, we do not consider the data on our platform to be anyone's property. We regard the processed anonymized and aggregated processed data for predictive maintenance as the property of Liftinsight®.

Can I get my data back?
If you want to export your data from the Liftinsight® platform, this is always possible using the export functions and / or the API link. We are always willing to help you and / or perform this for you against settlement of the costs actually incurred.

What is the difference between the Liftboxs® and the Liftboxs®-Door
The Liftboxs® provides the connection via Cloud to the online application Liftmanager® and records ride movements. You can connect the Liftboxs®-Door to the Liftboxs® using a Bluetooth. The Liftboxs®-Door also records ride movements and also door movements, temperature and air pressure.

Can I link multiple Liftboxs®-Door to a Liftboxs®?
A maximum of 7 Liftboxs®-Door can be linked to a Liftboxs®. If several lifts are at the same location, in a large number of cases only one Liftboxs® is required because this acts as a "gateway" for the Liftboxs®-Door.

In which countries does Liftboxs® have coverage?


- Albania

- Austria

- Azerbaijan

- Belarus

- Belgium

- Bosnia and Herzegovina

- Bulgaria

- Croatia

- Cyprus

- Czech Republic

- Denmark

- Estonia

- Faroe Islands

- Finland

- France

- Germany

- Gibraltar

- Great Britain

- Greece

- Guernsey

- Hungary

- Iceland

- Ireland

- Isle of Man

- Italy

- Jersey

- Kazakhstan

- Kosovo

- Latvia

- Liechtenstein

- Lithuania

- Luxembourg

- Macedonia

- Malta

- Moldova

- Monaco

- Montenegro

- Netherlands

- Norway

- Poland

- Portugal

- Romania

- Russia

- Serbia

- Slovak Republic

- Slovenia

- Spain

- Sweden

- Switzerland

- Turkey

- Ukraine



- Anguilla

- Antigua & Barbuda

- Barbados

- British Virgin Islands

- Canada

- Cayman Islands

- Dominican Republic

- El Salvador

- Greenland

- Grenada

- Mexico

- Montserrat

- Saint kitts & Nevis

- Saint Lucia

- Saint Vincent & Grenadines

- Turks and Caicos Islands

- United States



- Argentina

- Chile

- Colombia

- Guyana

- Paraguay

- Peru



- Armenia

- Cambodia

- China

- Hong Kong

- India

- Israel

- Japan

- Jordan

- Korea (South)

- Kyrgyzstan

- Malaysia

- Mongolia

- Oman

- Palestine

- Philippines

- Singapore

- Sri Lanka

- Taiwan

- Thailand

- United Arab Emirates

- Vietnam



- Algeria

- Egypt

- Equatorial Guinea

- Morocco

- South Africa

- Tunisia

- Turkey



- Australia

- New Zealand

How is the connection between the Liftboxs®-Door and the Liftboxs® and Liftmanager® established?
In Liftmanager® you add a lift installation, after which you link the Liftboxs® on site and then the Liftboxs® -Door to the lift installation in question.

What does Liftboxs®-Door register?
The Liftboxs®-Door currently registers the number of journeys and the number of door movements that the lift installation. Other applications are under development. The sensor is equipped with FOTA (firmware over the air) with which we can send any software changes remotely. The Liftboxs®-Door must be mounted horizontally.

How do I mount the Liftboxs®?
The Liftboxs® can be mounted on the cabin roof in a quick and easy way by means of a magnet attachment that does not require any tools.

How do I mount Liftboxs®-Door?
The Liftboxs®-Door can be mounted in a quick and easy way by means of magnet fixation where tools are not required, in a harmless place in the door drive, which moves with the fast door panel.

How does the Liftboxs®-Door receive power?
The Liftboxs®-Door uses an internal, easily exchangeable battery with a service life of 5 years. The Liftboxs®-Door does not require an external power supply, which makes mounting on the cabin door easy.

Can Liftmanager® be used without Liftboxs® and Liftboxs®-Door?
Liftmanager® can be used without Liftboxs® and Liftboxs®-Door, but you will miss a number of dynamic functions.