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Current vision about thinking differently about lifts and lift management based on intrinsic motivation. Made concrete with effective examples. Written during the Corona crisis.

What you get from this ebook

  • 1. Sustainable is not expensive. Sustainability and efficiency go hand in hand. Do you like fast cars? Electric are fast!
  • 2. There is no contradiction between ecology and economy. The trick is to let these elements reinforce each other.
  • 3. It is already there. There is food for everyone in this world, but we find it difficult to distribute it properly. And that goes for all sources. All technology and wisdom is there to solve world problems. Only sometimes we will have to learn to look from a different paradigm.
On September 30, 2020, Alderik Bos gave a key note on his ebook. View and listen to his story via THIS link.


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Ebook how to stay in control of your lift maintenance in 2020

You feel responsible for your building(s). You want everything to function properly and run smoothly. The same applies to the lifts in the building. In the event of problems or complaints, you want to be the first to know about them and find a solution as quickly as possible. So you obviously also want to be the first to know about an elevator problem so that you can find a solution immediately. Ideally a solution whereby end users do not (or barely) notice a thing..


  • How to get a better grip on your work and achieve better results.
  • The benefits of modern lift management based on big data.
  • All that IoT with sensors has to offer with regard to lift maintenance. 
  • How to prepare for the future of lift maintenance with AI.

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Whitepaper Alderik Bos

Alderik Bos is an expert, a leader and a visionary. With a brand new solution, he wants to prevent waste of time and help lift companies operate in a financially healthy manner. 
How did he get to where he is now? And what drives him? The personal story of Alderik Bos.

What you get from this whitepaper

  • What is the background of Alderik Bos, CEO of Liftinsight?
  • How did he come up with the idea of a digital elevator book?
  • How can more efficient elevator maintenance contribute to a better world?

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