Product description of the Liftboxs-Door:

As an extension to the Liftboxes, we offer a door sensor, the Liftboxs-Door. A valuable addition considering that most elevator faults are door related. The Liftboxs-Door measures various functionalities of the door and transmits them via the Liftboxs-Door to the big data platform.

Through Bluetooth connectivity, the Liftboxs-Door is automatically linked to the Liftboxes after which the data from the door sensor is also transmitted to the big data platform.

The Liftboxs-Door is also easily mounted in the cage door by means of built-in magnets and without tools. Power is supplied to the Liftboxs-Door from the built-in battery which has a lifespan of 5 years.

As with the Liftboxes, the link with the Liftmanager software is easily made via a QR code.

If necessary, a second Liftbox door can be installed in the shaft door on the first floor. Based on the percentage difference in air pressure between the two door sensors, it is then possible to determine on which floor the elevator stops.


Technical data of the Liftboxes®-Door: 

Dimensions incl. Fixing ears (l x w x h): 65 x 60 x 20 mm
Power supply: Via battery (type CR2450 or CR2477, incl.)
Battery life: approx. 5 years
Housing material: ABS
Mounting: Magnets in the bottom of the housing
Link with Liftmanager® software: QR code with unique serial number
Connectivity: Bluetooth®
Type of sensors: including accelerometer and air pressure
Certification: CE

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