The use of digital technology with Big Data, Ai and IoT makes lifts smarter and more cost efficient. Better margins or a stronger competitive position based on quality rather than price. With Liftinsight’s solutions, you can now place universally applicable sensors on all your elevators, which measure trips and door movements in real-time and fact-based. This creates a new ecosystem of all your lifts, regardless of brand, such as Thyssenkrupp, Schindler and Kone, and regardless of type or age. With Liftmanager®, Liftinsight converts all data into management information, allowing you to make better choices and decisions yourself. With this innovative solution, Liftinsight gives you the building blocks for a healthy and future-proof business.

Liftmanager is the front end of our ecosystem. It digitizes all elevator book data, visualizes the sensor data, and returns the interpreted data as management information. The application is certified by Liftinstitute as a complete replacement for the paper elevator book and meets all legal requirements for such a file.

What is measured concretely:

• The up and down movement of the elevator, including the speed and direction.

• The opening and closing of the doors, including the speed and direction.

• On which floor the elevator stops and how often

How it is measured:

• The movement of the elevator cage by means of an accelerometer in the Liftboxes®.

• The movement of the doors by means of an accelerometer in the Liftboxes®-door.

• The floor recognition, by means of the Delta Pascal, the air pressure difference between the Liftboxes at the lower stop and those in the cage door.

• The Liftboxes-door also measures temperature. However, we don't do anything with that yet.

More interesting facts:

• The Liftboxes functions as a gateway. This means that it is connected to the Cloud with a SIM card and can access up to 7 Liftboxes through.

• The Liftboxs is powered by a mains adapter.

• The Liftboxes-Door are powered by a battery, which can operate for 5 years under normal use.

• The Liftboxs door has the following sensors on board: accelerometer, temperature and air pressure.

• Both sensors are equipped with FOTA (Firmware over the air), which means that we can send updates that will allow us to update the sensors remotely in the event of future innovations.

• Communication between the Liftboxes and the Liftboxes-Door is via Bluetooth.

With the Liftboxs sensors the elevator movements and door movements are measured. These are displayed in Liftmanager and by using AI and Big Data correlations are found between maintenance and replacements with regard to the elevator and door movements.

The image shows schematically where the sensors are placed. The Liftbox sensor is placed on the cage roof. Then you place a Liftboxs-Door sensor in the cage door. If you also want floor detection then one additional Liftboxs-Door sensor is sufficient and you place it in the shaft door on the first floor. By means of the difference in air pressure between the two door sensors, the floors are recognized.

All data can be uploaded manually, via an Excel or through an API in and out.

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