Our story

We are Liftinsight. The liftboys from Rotterdam.
A new generation of data-driven consultants on a mission
to change the lift maintenance market for the better.
We do this with innovative universal Liftbox® IoT solutions
which make lift data digital, accessible and comparable.
This minimises the wasting of money, resources and energy
and maximises trust and transparency in the market.

Yes, we want to change things. We are gamechangers and pioneers!
We are convinced that data can change the lift maintenance industry.
IoT technology allows us to measure vertical lift movements
and horizontal door openings.
We collect, analyse and enhance all this lift data
and convert it into smart management information.
This results in better insights, predictions and decisions.

Our solutions have an overarching approach and are universally applicable.
They are not linked to the lift’s central control system.
Which allows us to generate fact-based, real-time insights.
In all lifts. Regardless of brand, type, age, place or SPI.
Enabling us to save up to 50% on costs and guarantee higher uptime!
Moreover, we bring all data together in one smart Liftmanager® dashboard.
This gives our customers access, control and insight into their own lift information.

We challenge the status-quo with our IoT solutions in the world of lift maintenance.
Our innovative solutions and software applications make both lifts and customers smarter.
And change the way we think about, and do, things.
Our approach is simple. We deliver the IoT sensors.
We deliver the Liftmanager dashboard. And connect the sensors to the software.
Plug & play! Easy to install. Easy to use.
This makes everything more efficient and effective. More transparent. More fun. And cheaper.

We are enthusiastic and excited about the opportunities, and committed to getting the job done.
With a typical ‘Rotterdam Make It Happen DNA’ and no-nonsense approach,
we enter the market in a goal- and result-oriented manner.
We’re in it for the long term. With one clear goal:
To make lift information digital, accessible and comparable with IoT sensors.
For better insights, better decision-making and serious cost savings.
To create value from data. For our customers. For the industry.
Not because we have to but simply because it feels right.

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Our mission

We are on a mission to change the lift maintenance market for the better
by making lift data digital, accessible and comparable.
And thereby minimising the wasting of money, resources and energy
and maximising trust and transparency.

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