Liftinsight partners

We are proud of the strategic partners with whom we collaborate:


TimeSeries makes a real difference for Liftinsight by creating disrupting applications focusing on new business model development and modernizing legacy landscapes. To quickly provide results to us, TimeSeries offers a Smart App Suite with configurable smart apps, as well as a superior Center of Excellence for custom smart app delivery and support.


Mendix want to elevate Liftinsight to become business makers, setting us free to go create things that are transformational. We make a meaningful impact with Mendix.

Mendix create a new way so Liftinsight could rapidly and continuously translate our ideas into real business value. That allows us to unleash our best ideas quickly with software.


Delmation Products is always looking for the latest solutions for Liftinsight. They provide multiple IoT solutions such as IoT sensor nodes and gateways. In collaboration with Alflex Technologies, they develop customized electronics for Liftinzicht. Our sensors Liftboxs® and Liftboxs® door have been developed by them. And we continue to innovate ...


MoreStorage is our logistics partner for warehousing and fulfillment. With 24,000 m² floor space and located in Zoetermeer ideally located within 45 minutes of 5 major cities in the Netherlands and the port of Rotterdam. The state of the art automation of More Storage is linked to the webshop of Liftinsight. This keeps delivery times to a minimum.